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Technology’s Impact October 30, 2010

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Somali women of Al-Shabaab

“It is no pleasing task, nor a thankful one, to dive into the souls of some men; but there are occasions when, to bring up the mud from the bottom, reveals to us on what soundings we are, on what coast we adjoin.”[1]

[1] Herman Melville, White Jacket, p.212


a dark, dark comedy October 17, 2007

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In the on-going black comedy entitled the United States Criminal Justice System, a man who shot & killed a judge presiding over his rape trial, then shot & killed a court reporter and, while escaping, shot & killed a deputy who chased him outside… (let’s stop and take a breath here) and then shot & killed a federal agent along the escape trail, and then held a woman hostage in her own home before surrendering… this man’s trial on these charges has been suspended because of lack of funding for his defense.

Being completely without money he has been appointed three private lawyers from the public defender’s office. The latter states that the $1.8 million dollars already allocated to them is gone and in fact "the defense has been inadequately funded." The man has confessed his crimes on videotape.

If justice cannot be served in this kind of high profile case – involving no less than the murder of a  judge in his courtroom -  than god help the average citizen who looks to the courts of this country to render them justice.

Read it and weep:

Murder trial halted over lack of money

Georgia Murder Case’s Cost Saps Public Defense System

apocalyptic witches brew October 11, 2007

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During this morning’s scan of the headlines I was stopped by: “Ohio School Shooter had Troubled History.” Another school shooting? Yes, this one in Cleveland, Ohio. Did it take anyone by surprise? Only those who, like me, were surprised that no one was killed except the gunman who shot himself (a 14 year old boy who had a history of mental problems and was known for cursing at teachers and bickering with students.)

You know, if I wanted to mix up a particularly lethal witches brew here’s what I’d do.

  1. Take an existing situation like this one: the random generation of creatures who represent a spectrum that ranges from the near perfect on one end to the botched and the bungled on the other. Among the population of the latter 20% will be found those whose brains are missing certain structures, structures that enable traits like empathy and compassion, moral sense and judgement.
  2. Introduce these latter individuals into one of the cruelest environments imaginable, that of the American teenage public high school, and expose them to a steady barrage of humiliation until they are boiling over internally with rage.
  3. Give these same individuals access to weapons which are designed for the maximum lethality possible on the mean streets of the city and the battlefields of war.

Presto! Fire burn and cauldron bubble!

Story of the Ohio Shooter