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leading cause of death on death row? old age September 25, 2007

Posted by xenothrone in Politics.

Ralph Baze used an assault-type rifle to ambush two police officers in Kentucky in January, 1992. Each officer was shot three times in the back. One officer was executed with a shot to the back of his head as he tried to crawl away. Baze was subsequently convicted and sentenced to death by lethal injection.

Today the Supreme court decided it will hear a challenge from Baze and another inmate on death row in Kentucky (Thomas Clyde Bowling Jr.) who sued the state in 2004, claiming lethal injection (consisting of an anesthetic, a muscle paralyzer, and a substance to stop the heart) amounts to cruel and unusual punishment.

Baze, overcome with emotion while considering the plight of his fellow man, stated: “this isn’t just about me. It’s not just about Kentucky. It’s about being humane and compassionate in a very tough circumstance, for all involved.”

The names of the two murdered officers are: Steve Bennett and Arthur Briscoe. Steve’s wife Rose was tending to her 4-month old son when on the police scanner she heard her husband had been shot. That boy, who never knew his father, is 15 years old now. In school he learns that we in America forgo our right to seek justice on our own, we allow the state to assume that responsibility.

Pray they don’t quote Gladstone to him: “Justice delayed is justice denied.”

Lethal injection ruling won’t change much for death row inmates
Deborah Denno in Associated Press, December 17, 2006:

Prisoner is first of many sick, aged in line at Death Row



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